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Tech Specs:
  • Model Number: Njoy Pro
  • Manufacturer: Njoy
  • Similar Models: RN4081, DSE103
  • Parts Interchange With: RN4081, DSE103, Most "Super Mini" E-cigarettes
  • Length: 102mm
  • Atomizer Type: cylinder, 2 holes
  • Starter Kit Contents: power line, charger, 5pcs cartridge, atomizer, and 2 batteries
  • Alternate Names: Njoy Npro

Additional Notes:
From what we at Vapeatron can tell, the Njoy Npro is a RN-4081 model rebranded by Njoy and sold as their own. Parts for generic RN-4081 or "Super Mini" models should work with this. We are only listing this item by itself since many people only know of Njoy products due to it's media and mass retail exposure.
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Name:	pro_starter_black_components_167_72.jpg
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Name:	pro_starter_burgundy_components_167_72.jpg
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Name:	pro_starter_silver_components_167_72.jpg
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ID:	233Click image for larger version

Name:	pro_starter_white_components_167_72.jpg
Views:	568
Size:	49.1 KB
ID:	234Click image for larger version

Name:	pro_battery_black.jpg
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Size:	29.0 KB
ID:	235Click image for larger version

Name:	pro_battery_burgundy.jpg
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Size:	29.1 KB
ID:	236Click image for larger version

Name:	pro_battery_silver.jpg
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Size:	28.8 KB
ID:	237Click image for larger version

Name:	pro_battery_white.jpg
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Size:	29.0 KB
ID:	238Click image for larger version

Name:	pro_charger_car_167_72.jpg
Views:	179
Size:	36.6 KB
ID:	239Click image for larger version

Name:	pro_charger_167_72.jpg
Views:	177
Size:	50.9 KB
ID:	240
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I have the puresmoker peewee. People say that its virtually the same as the NJOY NPRO. If that is so i can only assume that the compatibility would be the same for the peewee as is for the NPRO. Is that correct?
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i have dse901's and 801's. I converted a friend form analogs and she went and got an NJOY Pro at a gas station.. yep.
now she wants to expland her supply of accesories and since im looking for them in the web sources her... i cant find them?
she is wanting atomizers. batteries and blank cartridges or even filled one if at a good cost. Costco still sells/lists cartridges but they are very proud of them
thanks all
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We got an NJOY NPRO Starter Kit for $71.95 through (2xbats, 1xatt, 5xcarts, 1xcharger) and what a segway that has been! No analogs for almost 2 weeks and the wife is now going on a week. Curious about the expanse and depth of the technology I started searching the web and stumbled upon this forum. After numerous hours here reading about different components, suppliers and how people are using them I ended up ordering a KR808D-1 Starter Kit from House of Vapor (29.99) with Greencig Carts from and some Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. Kudos Vapetron Community! You should have seen my wife's eyes light up when she took her first hit off of the new setup! So now we split the 808D and the NPRO so that we each have one and I have another 808 starter kit on the way. It looks like the NPRO is likely going to the neighbors who have been on and off smoking for the last year and have shown some interest. Anyway back to the NPRO, seems like the three piece carts can cause issues for you if you're not the type of person to really take it apart and get into it's inner workings. The main issue I see with it is that it's very likely people are experiencing loss of vapor issues due to the juice not being in contact with the atty. I could see how this design quirk could be diagnosed as a bad atty. I top off the little white cup inside the cart and push that up against the atty, then push the mouth-piece cartridge over that. Seems to work just fine with this method. I have a couple variations of cartridges from different places with slightly different diameter internal cups. Some slip into the atty and some mount up against (like their suppose to). Either way seems to work okay. On the carts.... in my opinion they are too small for my satisfaction and require constant topping off. Also parts seem to be somewhat scarce. I've been banging my head against the desk searching for an adapter for NPRO/N4081 bat to KR808D-1 cart. I think this would improve the NPRO's capacity and the way it vapes and I could use them with our 808's of course! Thank you everybody for taking our vaping experience from average to awesome!
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So glad that the vaping experience is working out for the two of you. That's the way we did it at our house. You are also on your way to learning that all of these suckers have one little issue or another. There is no perfect model no matter what you read. You will have to experiment and find the ones that "sort of work for you". The GreenCig cartos are thought of highly even though I use mostly the generic 808D-1 cartos now. Perfect? no, but they work for me.
Watch out for internet "hype" and high prices, but be prepared to spend a little on hardware and juice until you have built up a 'stash'. Keep up the good work and keep in touch here on the forum. Having others to talk to about this helps.
As far as the adapter you mentioned, I don't know if there is one to put 808D-1 cartos on the NPRO. You may have to make do with the NPRO until you expand your arsenal. When you branch out to others models, consider available adapters before you buy so you have as much compatibility between parts as possible.

Welcome aboard,
A good e-juice, fresh carto, and 3.7 volts from a REALLY BIG battery works for me.

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e Cig | eCig Starter Kits from $29.95 - Discount Prices on e cigs and Accessories - Atlanta Georgia - Shop with us and earn FREE Electronic Cigarette stuff. has PCC's and spare batts for these. I haven't ordered from them yet so I can't advise on their service.

NPro was my 2nd ecig, I rather like Njoys poly filled cartomizers, they sizzle as I draw on them and produce decent amounts of warm vapor.
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ecigarette, njoy
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